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IPT S.r.l. main mission is to offer a collection of integrated and certified engineering and architectural services for the private and the public sector.

IPT S.r.l follows a problem solving strategy focused on the specific needs of the client through an efficient team-work structure. It groups specific technical knowledge and savoir-faire thanks to an elastic and efficient way of evaluating investments and managing projects through efficient and advanced tools used for designing and realizing innovative buildings and infrastructures.

IPT. s.r.l. developed it's business focusing on the satisfaction of the client by assuring high quality and total functionality of the projects, clear business plans, fixed time-schedules and full accomplishment of the targets. Throughout the years IPT S.r.l. gathered a wide range of experiences obtaining and using public fundings and grants, regional and governement loans and EU funds.

IPT. s.r.l. covers the role of project manager and can act as general contractor for strategic investments as well as direct participant and investor.