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IPT S.r.l. is based in Padua, northern Italy. It's executive seat covers a surface of 600 sqm. The team is composed of qualified people with permanent working positions.
IPT S.r.l. also collaborates with a vast number of external consultants and providers for special services.

Engineer Davide Ferro
Senior partner and chief executive officer

Engineer Luigi Tommasi
Associate partner and executive chairman

Engineer Daniele Spinello
Design managing director

Surveyor Marco Riolfo
Design managing director

Engineer Elisabetta Lucchin
Plants and systems engineering

Engineer Mauro Segato
Structural engineering

Engineer Silvia Rosso
Structural engineering

Engineer Nicola Secchiero
Structural engineering

Architect Silvia Seno
Architecture and design

Architect Claudia Aracci
Architecture and marketing

Surveyor Elisa Barbieri
Construction coordination

Surveyor Stefano Ferro
Construction coordination, costs, project administration and cadastre procedures

Surveyor Francesca Volpato
In charge of technical drawings

Surveyor Marco Biasin
Graphics and technical drawings

Mrs Isabella Bortoli
In charge of the administration

Mrs Manola Gallo