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IPT S.r.l. has collected years of experience in the sector of structural engineering for buildings and infrastructures always taking into account resistant structures for earthquake proof structural design. All buildings designed by IPT S.r.l. have been conceived to be earthquake resistant despite parameters and laws that are too often not clear enough. Earthquake resistance is nowadays took into consideration in the whole of Italy with different levels of danger, but all buildings have to be resistant to earthquake shakes. IPT S.r.l. is able to assure earthquake resistance design thanks to:
  • The experience in the design and construction of big buildings (schools, hospitals, executive hubs)
  • Softwares for earthquake proof design (click on the video).
    The softwares are constantly updated in accordance to national and European laws.
  • Continuing professional education and training, in order to stay updated and aware of the latest laws, techniques and technologies.


IPT S.r.l. is also an expert in fire protection planning and applies the Fire Protection Safety Engineering approach (D.M. 09.05.2007) together with the analysis of structural reactions to natural fire curves (D.M. 09.03.2007). This method allows the application of advanced calculation solutions in the design process and prevents expensive adjustments that are always necessary in the traditional way of planning fire protection safety solutions. It also gives more freedom to the architectural design and allows innovative building and construction solutions.

Advantages of the Fire Protection Safety Engineering approach:
  • This approach evaluates, during the design process, the level of fire risk in order to apply, from the very beginning, design solutions for fire-safety and fire-damage prevention. After exhaustive studies it's possible to define the time and space development of temperature, smoke, visual clearness, the presence of harmful substances, thermal power curves, etc.
  • In this way the fire resistance in buildings is evaluated referring to a natural event curve that realistically represents the situation in case of fire danger instead of referring to abstract nominal time-temperature curves.

Such new method allows to verify the correspondence of the projects to the fire-protection laws permitting the notwithstanding of the current regulations. This is highly recommended when the authority is open to verify the correspondence of fire-protection laws and to waive to the provisions of the laws, especially in the following cases:
  • complex settlements with high-tech urban and architecture solutions
  • buildings and infrastructures with exceptional architectural and constructive quality
  • buildings with special artistic or historical qualities or addressed to complex activities
  • buildings in special and complex urban locations
  • studies and surveys of fire-safety for specific design solutions (smoke evacuation systems, filters for natural or forced ventilation, automatic fire-estinguishing systems, gas,smoke and temperature detectors, …)
  • consultancy and expertise reports


IPT S.r.l. is extremely careful in assuring energy efficiency solutions in the design and construction process of all projects.
In fact IPT S.r.l. is a member of GBC Italia (Green Building Council Italia), an association that promotes the LEED certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for the design and construction of clean and eco-friendly buildings that follow specific standards and parameters to assure a low impact on the environement.
All buildings are designed to obtain a high energy value as desired by the client. Eco-friendly design and energy efficiency values are possible thanks to:
  • a long gathered experience in the design and construction of buildings
  • specific professional softwares, always updated with national and international laws and norms.
  • appropriate tools for surveys and data collection
  • continuing professional education and training in order to be always updated and aware of the latest norms, laws, techniques and technologies

Some examples of energy efficient technological plants:
  • 750 kW/h photovoltaic power station, for CAM-CONAD, Lavis, Trento
  • 15 kW/h photovoltaic power station, in total 110 sqm, Municipality of Ponte San Nicolò, Padua
  • 200 kW/h photovoltaic power station on a roof top, in total 15.000 sqm for Plastopiave S.r.l., Conegliano, Trevise.